Sick of junk emails clogging-up your inbox?

Ever wanted a digital waste-disposal faciity that offers more than an 'unsubscribe' tag-line?

Tristero invites you to send your least-wanted image, text, sound and video files for creative re-cycling by a series of online artists-in-residence.

By subscribing, you could provide the raw material for this series of online artworks.


Thomas Pynchon's mid-Sixties state-of-America novel The Crying of Lot 49 revolves around a phenomenon called the Tristero: a clandestine mail system whose initiates covertly inscribe and re-direct apparently innocent letters as a way of sending coded messages to each other. The Tristero is a kind of hacker underworld before the fact, a secret network of marginalised, dissident elements who take pride in the creative re-purposing of overlooked or discarded material, transforming dead-letters and junk mail into multi-layered carriers of meaning.

At a time when junk email is reaching epidemic proportions, this Film and Video Umbrella online project attempted to put some of the Tristero's ideas into practice, by inviting artists to act as creative 're-cyclers' of unwanted digital material deposited from the wastebaskets of regular subscribers to the Tristero site.